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It does even let us start it

I’m mad and I never wanna play the same game

Scammer!!! Do not purchase!!!

This is not the game you think your buying, it's not even a game.


I bought this game thinking it was the real thing. It is a fake and all it shows you is videos. This is false advertising and a waste of money. I want my money back. I was very upset when this was not the real game. It is a piece of crap and I want a refund. The game stole from me and all these other people. This game is a waste of money and time. Please don’t waste your money on this game take it from me.

Not the game

I should have read reviews because this is not the game. DO NOT BUY


This is a scam because I got this then I figured I looked at the comments and it was awful so don’t get this

Not a game

Buyer beware this is not a game, very misleading!!!

Not the game!

This APP I thought was the game as well and when I opened it up it was all videos. Very deceiving. Maybe the white letter on his white head should be black like the game name. NOT A GAME!!!

Good game not

I read comments it’s a scam do not download Just videos

This is not the game

My 5 year old son bought this app with an iTunes gift card he got for his birthday yesterday. He’s so sad this isn’t the actual game. No one would pay $4.99 to watch videos you could see on YouTube. SCAM.

Doesn’t Work

I want my money back


What a waste my kid was so upset!


My son worked hard to earn money for this app. We want a refund! Nothing even loads! Just a spinning circle. Will be reporting fraud to Apple App Store!!

Does not work

My daughter but this app with her earned allowance and the app does not work . Cannot open the videos ... she thought it was a game ...but it is not. Please refund money. Videos keep loading and do no open .

Doesn’t work I want my money back!!

Paid $5 for this app and it won’t even load, bunch of bull!!

NOT worth it!!

Don't waste your time or money on this! It is a waste of both! Talk about breaking a five year old's heart. He watched a YouTube video and on that, it looked like so much fun.

triggered now

I hate this game it’s not a real game I wanted to play human fall flat on this game but I can’t now I’m triggered😡😡 and this game is poop💩💩💩💩


THIS IS 100,000% SCAM


I just wasted money on a “game” that’s not even a game! All it is is watching others watch it, when you can watch for free on YouTube! I am very disappointed in this! Don’t buy it unless you want to waste your money! Ugh! This is a stupid app! And I’m warning you, THE IS A SCAM!!! 😡😡😡

Should’ve Read All of The Reviews

My grandson asked me to get this for him and I thought it was the game. I didn’t read the reviews but like everyone else is saying - THIS IS A RIP-OFF!!!!! Just videos. Who would pay to watch videos. The videos won’t even play. I want a refund.

Warning!!! Do not buy

I wasted my money on this game and it doesn’t work. Read the other reviews. Please don’t purchase this game

I feel so bad for the game

I'm sad for the lie

Don’t waste your money on this scam!

I got on, I searched a map up and random videos and live streams were showing up. I am very disappointed because I can’t play the game and I wasted my well earned money, I said to myself this game is crap and I had to write a bad yelp review don’t buy!

Does not work!!!!

Do not spend your money on this game.

Don’t waist your money 😬😢😭

When I bought the app I thought that it would be like it looks on youtude, boy was I wrong. When I opened it, I set up my account. After, it honestly wouldn’t load one bit. Seriously, there is a reason why this app has a low rating, please trust us, if you don’t you are making a huge mistake.


I got on and I thought it would be amazing tho I forgot to read the comments so I got iT I COULDNT EVEN GET TO ANYTHING it stayed loading it was terrible it took an 1 or more to figure it out I’m going to read to see if it’s good on laptop and computer tho

Nothing game

When I bought this game I thought it was gonna be really fun because I’ve been saying you tubers play in the game but when I bought the game all it had was the loading screen and would not let me play.

Does not work

Just keeps loading

It wont let me in the game

Its not letting me in

Wasted $5

So disappointed in myself for not reading reviews like I usually do. The app doesn’t work at all—repeat—DOES NOT WORK AT ALL.

So Sad!

I thought I was going to play the real game... I bought it and realized... it’s not the real Game......... it’s just videos Of other people. And that’s boring. I think that this was an Absolute horrible App named after The game

Scam don’t buy it red flag ❌

It’s scam Make stop payment if u got the game Develop name is Andre Marci don’t Even get close

Not a game

What a load of crap! I want a refund!!


I wanted to play the game not have to watch it

This is a fraud

Will report this as fraud since it’s not working at all

Fake game

This is fake don’t do it

Do not buy this app!

It does not work! I can’t believe Apple would allow this to happened, its a scam!

Won’t even load

Waste of money

I’m sad

It was just videos and that cost a lot of money I do not like it

Don’t Purchase! This is a scam

This is not a game. It’s an app showing videos of others playing the game. My son used his hard working allowance for this and is extremely distraught that he doesn’t have the game. Apple should refund this and not allow this to happen!

Not a game

Very disappointed thought it was a game but not at all.

False advertisement

My daughter was very disappointed that this wasn’t the actual game

Waste of money.

Doesn’t work. Waste of money. Feels like they purposely stole money from my kids.

Why is this a game

I hate this game it kept loading I do not recommend buying this crappy game😡😡😡😡


We want a refund My son even did chores to earn the $5 Please send us a refund False advertising this is not a game and won’t load

Craziest game ever

So I asked my mom if I could get it she said yes She bought while I was ready to play the getting super excited when I tried play it all I saw was a search thing I was super bummed.AND I WANT A FRICKING REFUND!DO NOT GET THIS GAME ITS THE WORST RIP-OFF EVER!

This is not a game

I want whoever created I want whoever created this game to make a new one and let us control it so we can actually do it and by the way I’m five


I am devastated at this! You think it’s a real human fall flat! But it’s just videos! Videos that you can watch on YouTube! And My sister had to pay for the five dollars for it! I want a refund NOW! And it just shows you’re loading screen! I want everybody else a refund to! If you haven’t bought this game and are looking at this don’t buy this! My little sister was devastated! And they’re still happy! They Trick people for money!

This game is crap

I though this game you could play but nooo it just videos this game in crap



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